Omali is an E-911 database support application for creating and maintaining PS/ALI or private switch 911 station records.

Records produced by the Omali system meet the published NENA standards for 911 record data exchange.

Omali supports a host of advanced features such as:

  • MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) validation offers the option to validate as you enter records or validation of the entire database.
  • Record copying and master record functions to simplify record creation.
  • Record Delete
  • Selective transmission or re-transmission of records
  • Option to transmit of the entire database to your (Telco or 911 ALI host provider) or transmit only the records that have been changed.

Advanced fields in the Omali customer record to house local cable or IP address assignments

Customer Record Views

Omali presents the user with 2 screen views, one the full record with advanced fields for house cable or IP address assignments, the other an abbreviated view with only the 911 specific records fields displayed. The view is changed by selecting ‘Advanced Fields’ under ‘Tools’ on the menu bar.

Omali full recordOmali customer abbrev record

Full Customer Record                                          Abbreviated Customer Record (Click to enlarge)

Data import:

  • Direct data import of Customer/Station records in NENA versions 1, 2, 2.1 and 3, CSV (comma separated).
  • Direct data import of MSAG records in AT&T 200 byte format or CSV (comma separated).
  • Data import supports field mapping where data fields are not in the correct order.

 Omali import options

Import Types (Click to enlarge)

Data export:

  • Customer/Station records may be exported directly to a local file in NENA versions 1, 2, and 3, CSV (comma separated).
  • Customer/Station records may be exported directly to a local file in AT&T CNAM (Caller ID) format
  • Customer/Station records may be exported with record function codes set to I, M, C, U or D, useful where you are switching Telco or 911 ALI host providers or terminating service.
  • MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) records in CSV format.

Omali export options

Local File Export Formats (Click to enlarge)

 Mass Record change functions

These functions may be used in conjunction with one another to move customer records to a new address, NPA/NXX or both.

 Modify Address function allows the mass change of record address fields for all or selected telephone numbers at a single address. This feature is useful when a customer with several telephone numbers moves to a new address or where a street name or abbreviations have changed.

Modify Area Code is used where NPA exhaustion occurs and it becomes necessary to move numbers within an exchange to a new NPA or area code.

Modify Exchange Code is useful where a customer’s numbers are changing central office switches and a NXX or exchange prefix change is required.

Create Number Range is a tool to create a contiguous range of numbers all with the same name and address. The individual location is not addressed.

File Statistics display the size, record count stats for the open database.

 Omali advanced options

Mass Record Change Functions (Click to enlarge)

 Output File Options

 In addition to data exports to a local file, Omali supports direct file uploads to a Telco or 911 ALI host provider via FTP.

Files may be sent to the OM2 Services database management system for processing or to your Telco or 911 ALI host provider where you have an established account, via Omali’s transmission configuration.

Omali export formats

Transmission File Formats (Click to enlarge)

Files transmitted via FTP are tracked in the transmission log and can be viewed anytime to verify file successful transmission or history.

 Omali transmission logs

Transmission Log File (Click to enlarge)

Report Options

Omali reports include Station records, CNAM (Caller ID), Directory of all telephone numbers in the open Omali database and a cable report.

The cable report is pulled from the advanced fields in the Omali record of house cable or IP address assignments.

 Omali report options

Omali Report Options (Click to enlarge)


 Current Omali pricing is available upon request by contacting OM2 Services.