OM2 OMALI Professional

The growing concern about personal safety, the safety of students, co-workers and family has raised the interest in greater availability and accuracy in 911-location technology.

Most businesses utilize PBX telephone systems (Private Switches) to supply internal telephone services. New technology and rising costs have moved many to take on their own internal telephone support for moves and changes including 911. OMALI makes it possible for the PBX Owner/User to provide a greater level of security for all by making it easy to keep the 911 database(s) up to date with the location of every telephone at your location.

A member of the OM2ools® suite of products, and as part of OM2’s E911 solution, OMALI® provides for easy creation of telephone station records for transmission to a 911 ALI system provider. It’s easy to use, robust enough for business use, and powerful enough to be used by a small telephone company.

Take this short OMALI PS/911 tour to learn about the how OMALI can work for you.


Easy to understand user interface.
Validates station records against local MSAG.
Produces 911 records in any of the national accepted standard formats.
Reporting feature provides detailed administrative information.
Total solution for easily managing 911 records for smaller telcos and companies with large PBX’s.
Does not require separate 911 trunks from your PBX
You control the accuracy of your own 911 records
Initial database development and management services are available through OM2 Services LLC.

Communication plugins allow for easy transmission of E911 records through OM2’s 911 data management services.
Includes the ability to create number ranges and change the address on large numbers of records.
Support for Classic and VoIP/Ethernet.
Customer grouping of Station Records


Windows™ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Windows 7 
Windows™ Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate* or newer
Pentium 90 Mhz  or higher
32 MB RAM (at least 64 recommended)
15 MB  – 55 MB hard disk space
SVGA graphics adapter
Mouse or compatible pointing device


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