What Is PS/ALI?

PS/ALI stands for Private Switch Automatic Location Information, in other words, PS/ALI is the ability to identify not only the physical address of a 911 caller but also the specific location of the caller such as room, floor and suite.

PS/ALI is a service used in multiline telephone environments (PBX) and is essential where detailed location information will allow for more accurate dispatching of emergency personnel thereby reducing response time during an emergency event. Schools, Universities, Assisted Living, Office Complexes, anywhere a front door only address/location will introduce delay in locating a 911 caller.

How can OM2 help?

OM2 Services is a 3rd party data provider with tools, services and expertise to help you make the best choice for PS/ALI based on available data sources and requirements.

OM2 is a provider of OMALI Professional a Windows based PS/ALI records system designed for creating and maintaining station level (PBX) 911 location records.

OM2 Services may or may not be your best choice to meet your PS/ALI need, either way we can help you make the best choice for your application.




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