Telephone Service Provider

Challenges being a Telephone Service Provider

Telephone Service providers today are facing changes on many fronts including 911 data and network. TDM networks are giving way to soft switch IP based networks that, while in many ways offer a cleaner approach and greater flexibility, introduce a new paradigm and more challenging layers of complexity especially when it comes to understanding the impact of network interconnection, coverage and what may appear to be non-traditional 911 call routing.

Along with changes in network are new data formats and content considerations.

Counties are able to implement stand-alone PSAP systems forming network islands while at the same time interconnect with non-adjacent counties via MPLS networks.

These island county systems introduce more ambiguity for the Telephone Service Provider when it comes to identifying the correct 911 ALI Service Provider, especially near county boundaries. This ambiguity is introduced primarily when MSAG data is provided by multiple 911 ALI Service Providers and contains duplicate records making the identification of the correct 911 Service Provider for a given address uncertain.

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